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2020 AIA Virtual Conference

Choosing the aviation insurance industry as a career path is not for the faint of heart. It requires a love of aviation and an inner fire which pushes you to succeed despite fierce competition and a constantly evolving market. In this industry, you must have “The Right Stuff,” the qualities needed to do or be something that most people would find difficult.

The Aviation Insurance Association was founded by industry pioneers, not unlike the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, Charles Lindbergh, Eddie Rickenbacker and the like. These leaders paved the way for future aviation insurance professionals to be bold and succeed despite the odds, (and the occasional soft market). AIA members excel, and the AIA Annual Conference was created to give aviation insurance professionals the tools need to become Aces.

The 2020 AIA Annual Conference is the best venue to trade experiences, create business partnerships, and discuss the current state of the industry from each segment of the association. Network with your peers over cocktails during the opening reception, get in-depth knowledge at the continuing education sessions, and learn what is to come for the aviation insurance industry from leaders in aviation from around the world.

If you have “The Right Stuff,” …or want it, join us virtually for the 2020 AIA Annual Conference!