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MAY 6, 2020

8-9 a.m.
Hot Topics in Aviation Insurance from an International Perspective

  • Sybille Rexer & Marco Remiorz, ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN
  • Chris Fostiak, Hays Companies

The session will be focus on different liability regimes and recent developments in the industry. We will cover comparative jurisprudence, products liability, government liability, challenges of settlement, consumer protection, unruly passengers, accident investigations and drones.


9-10 a.m.
Strangest Claims You've Ever Heard

  • Eric Weidner, McLarens General Aviation
  • Trehane Oliver, McLarens
  • David Gourgues, McLarens
  • John Bayley, McLarens

The panel of aviation insurance claims professionals will recount the circumstances, issues involved, and results of a few of the more unusual, strange, complicated, and/or “wild” losses and claims they have investigated and managed over the years. The presentations will discuss the coverage issues created by the circumstances, arguments raised by the parties for and against coverage, and how the cases were ultimately resolved.


10-11 a.m.
Unlocking (Aviation) Industry 4.0 - Embracing Data and Emerging Technology in Aviation Insurance

  • Ted Dunlap, NTSB
  • Lauren Haertlein, GAMA
  • Lili Beneda Rubenstein, AIG
  • Sherry Ortiz, USAIG

On the Nation’s highways, both physical and electronic, technological innovation has introduced a sea change, disrupting many once ubiquitous businesses and professions. In that time, the aviation industry has not remained idle. Many technologies are emerging to change the manufacture and operation of aircraft. Emerging technology allows aircraft to be more efficient, and the aviation industry to make aircraft more efficiently. Other advances allow safer operations than ever before. Aviation insurers must keep abreast of emerging technology to understand its risks, and to embrace and drive change when it can improve safety (reduce risk). To avoid disruption in its own market, the industry must do more than understand the technology, insurers must embrace it.


11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Air Show Coverage & Exposures

  • Susan Amey, Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency

This session will discuss how the aviation commercial general liability policy needs to be amended in order to provide coverage for an air show. We will discuss the current exclusions, necessary amendments and the additional coverage endorsements needed to properly protect your insureds. We will also review the questions you need to ask to be sure all of their exposures are addressed in addition to the liability.


1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
The Risks of Inadvertent Fire Foam Discharges in Aircraft Hangars and a Campaign for Change

  • Michael J. Peterson, Willis Towers Watson
  • Nicholas Methven, Global Aerospace
  • Megan Eisenstein, NATA
  • Douglas Fisher, Fisher Engineering, Inc

Aviation claims specialist, Michael Peterson of Willis Towers Watson Aerospace, will lead a panel of subject matter experts on inadvertent fire foam discharges in aircraft hangars and the numerous risks and issues these systems present. Hangars are a critical component of aviation businesses and over the years inadvertent activations of fire foam suppression systems have resulted in significant damage to aircraft and have cost the aviation industry and insurers millions upon millions of dollars. In this panel session, you will: Understand current efforts by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) to change the fire codes that require installation of fire foam systems in aircraft hangars. Gain greater awareness of the inequities surrounding fire foam systems


2 – 3 p.m.
Sales and Marketing Do’s and Don’ts in Aviation Insurance

  • Tim Bonnell, Jr., Aeris Insurance Solutions
  • Matt White, BWI Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Jim Gardner, The James A Gardner, Co.
  • Vic D'Avanzo, USAIG

Tim Bonnell, Jr. will lead a panel of industry professionals to discuss ethical and compliance issues of sales and marketing today. The session will also cover sales in today’s digital world vs traditional sales and marketing.


3-4- p.m.
How Part 91 Dry Lease Affect Insurance

  • David Norton, Shackelford Bowen McKinley & Norton, LLP

This presentation on Part 91 Dry Lease will focus on the FAR and concepts such as operational control and which operating rules apply to different kinds of structures. It will also feature an introductory discussion of the legal / state law concepts of leasing and other legal issues that can lead planners astray.


4-5 p.m.
How Illegal Charter Operations Affect Insurance

  • David Norton, Shackelford Bowen McKinley & Norton, LLP
  • Jeff Sheets, AIG
  • Chris Fostiak, Hays Companies
  • Ryan Waguespack, NATA

This presentation will focus on how inappropriate operations by Part 92 owner/operators and some Part 135 air carriers has led to pressure on compliant certificated part 135 carriers and what is happening at the FAA and the industry to address the issues.


MAY 7, 2020

10 – 11 a.m.
3-D Printing in Aviation: Perspectives on Insurance, Manufacturing and Product Liability

  • Lisa J. Savitt, The Axelrod Firm, PC
  • Lauren Haertlein, General Aviation Manufacturers Association
  • Lili Bendena Rubenstein, AIG Aerospace

A discussion of legal, regulatory, insurance and industry issues arising out of this exciting and emerging technology


11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Data at a Distance: The Art of Remote Inspections

  • Brad Powell, Lightfood, Franklin & White
  • Charles Fox, Ph. D, ESi
  • Matthew Kenner, P.E., ESi

As communities come together to respond to the challenges of the current environment, we’re implementing new ways of doing things, leveraging technology to stay connected and operate more safely and effectively. For our experts, the engineers and technologists, the data they collect and analyze during a field or lab inspection is critical to answering questions, forming and testing hypotheses, and clarifying a case. But what does that look like when you, the attorney or claims professional, or another key stakeholder can’t be physically present at a site?

With the tools and technologies that are available today, remote inspections are an excellent alternative, providing firsthand views that enable distant users to virtually participate and oversee the inspection. Once the onsite work is complete, post-inspection data analysis sessions can also be conducted remotely, enabling efficient collaboration while minimizing the need for travel.

Whether your claim involves field work, laboratory analysis, disassembly or other types of inspections, this session will provide you with the tools to help ensure a quality inspection with proper artifact handling no matter your location.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to engage in a field or laboratory inspection remotely using an internet connection and an online meeting tool.
  • How to participate in after-inspection data reviews.
  • The unexpected benefits from remote participation in inspections and after-inspection data analyses for attorneys and claims professionals.


MAY 11, 2020

1 p.m.
James Viola

President and Chief Executive Officer
Helicopter Association International

James A. Viola joined Helicopter Association International (HAI) as President and CEO in January 2020. Prior to joining HAI, he most recently served as a Senior Executive for the Federal Aviation Administration, in the office of Aviation Safety, as director of General Aviation Safety Assurance. He was responsible for maintaining consistency and standardization in the application of safety oversight activities for the GA community. He was a government representative on both the International Helicopter Safety Team and the United States Helicopter Safety Team. Viola’s aviation career began with the US Army, with the majority of his flying done as a special operations MH-6 and MH-47 helicopter pilot. He was promoted through positions of increasing responsibility, achieving the rank of colonel. His final military assignment was as Division Chief for Army Aviation Current Operations in the Pentagon. A strong advocate for GA, Viola flies as often as he can.

MAY 13, 2020

11 a.m.
Bruce Landsberg

Vice Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Bruce Landsberg was sworn in as Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board on August 7, 2018, to become its 43rd Member. Before coming to the NTSB, Vice Chairman Landsberg was with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association from 1992 to 2014 where he served as executive director of the Air Safety Foundation until 2010, and then as president of the AOPA Foundation and Air Safety Institute until he retired in 2014. Under his leadership the organization received international recognition and numerous awards for promoting light aircraft safety. During his AOPA tenure he conducted countless safety seminars and wrote a monthly column on aviation safety for its magazine, AOPA Pilot. Vice Chairman Landsberg owns a Beechcraft Bonanza that he flies for business and pleasure. He has more than 7,000 hours of flight experience and holds an Air Transport Pilot certificate with instructor ratings for airplane single and multi-engine land, instruments, and advanced/ instrument ground instructor certificates. He also sailed a variety of boats for more than three decades.

MAY 19, 2020

11 a.m.
Steve Blakey

President and Chief Executive Officer
Starr Insurance Holdings

Steve Blakey is president and chief executive officer for Starr Insurance Holdings, Inc., one of the fastest-growing commercial property insurers in the world. He also serves on several boards for Starr’s various insurance entities. Steve has over 35 years of distinguished leadership experience in the commercial insurance industry. He was responsible for establishing Starr’s London operation in 2006, expanding the company’s capacity through its CVS 1919 Syndicate, Lloyds Managing Agency and newly-established company subsidiary. He is widely-recognized for his expertise in the property, casualty, aviation, reinsurance and captive management disciplines. Prior to his current roles, Steve held positions increasing in responsibility for Starr Aviation including chief financial officer and chief operating officer before becoming president. Under his leadership, Starr’s Aviation division expanded throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Latin America and quickly became a leading global underwriter of aviation insurance.