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2018 AIA Conference Files

Thank you for attending our 2018 Conference! Please see below for the final attendee list, photos and presentations from the event.

Final Attendee List

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Photos from the Conference

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The Pilot Shortage: If it’s real what can we do about it?

  • Mitchell Young, USAIG
  • Katie Pribyl, AOPA

Claims Presentation – Claims Gone Bad

  • Paul Leonard, Charles Taylor Aviation
  • Keith Brown, Brown and Company USA, Inc.
  • Dave Kraus, KrausAero

Space Insurance Update

  • Scott Ross, Global Aerospace

E & O Claims from Beginning to End

  • John Scott Hoff, Cremer Spina

Insurance and the Rise of the Drones

  • Anthony Mormino, Swiss Re Management
  • Gerald Deneen, Swiss Re Management

Power Down or Fire Up: Lithium Battery Risk at Altitude

  • Ted Dunlap, RTI Forensics
  • Dana Schulze, NTSB
  • John Deleeuw, Allied Pilots Association
  • Vickie Toman, American Airlines

SMS Panel Featuring USC Safety

  • Raymond L. Mariani, Murray, Morin & Herman
  • Mark Pestana, USC Aerospace Safety Program
  • Priscilla Kehoe, BBA Aviation

Bad Faith Decision

  • Deborah Elsassser, Clyde & Co


2018 Kenynote Presentation

  • Doris Höpke , Munich Re
  • John B. Hoff


To Be or Not to Be: The Aviation Additional Insured Question

  • Glenn Vallach, USAIG


Air Show Panel

  • Paul Lange, Law Offices of Paul A. Lange, LLC
  • Alan L. Farkas, SmithAmundsen

Experimental Aviation Claims and Releases

  • Laura Heft, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP
  • Steve Teller, Aviation LS
  • Jim Anderson, Starr Aviation

An Approach to Evaluating and Litigating Traumatic Brain Injuries in Aviation

  • Kerry A. Mahedy and Brandon A. Woodard, Montgomery Rennie Jonson