AIA Foundation

AIA Foundation

The AIA Education Foundation was established in 2008 on behalf of the Aviation Insurance Association to raise funds for educational programs, grants and scholarships (awarded by the AIA Board of Directors), to aid, assist and encouraging students or individuals to continue their interest in pursuing aviation insurance as a career.

About AIA Foundation

How Will the Foundation Achieve its Purpose?

1. Tactically the AIA Education Foundation will achieve this purpose as follows:
  • The AIA Education Committee will articulate the funding needs of the programs it administers and communicate these needs to the Foundation. It is not the job of the AIA Education Foundation to administer, create or oversee any of the AIA’s education programs.
  • After the AIA Education Committee has communicated the funding needs, the Foundation will review the funding requirements of each educational program and develop a strategy to raise funds to meet these objectives. AIA scholarship funding will be provided through an endowment strategy. Other educational programs may be funded through one-time gifts.
  • The Foundation will determine how best to raise these funds through identifying potential donors – AIA members, CAIP recipients, aviation industry companies, insurance industry companies, etc. The solicitation of these funds will be handled by the Foundation.
  • The Foundation will disperse funds to the AIA to fund the programs that have been identified by the AIA Education Committee.
2. The Foundation will not be involved in any of the following activities:
  • Defining scholarship needs
  • Creating or overseeing any other educational programs

What Kinds of Education Programs Will the Foundation Fund?

The AIA Education Foundation will help provide funding for the following education initiatives of the Aviation Insurance Association:
  • AIA scholarships
  • Expanded CAIP (Certified Aviation Insurance Professional) program
  • Expanded CIE (Continuing Insurance Education) at the AIA Annual Conference
  • Development of online CIE (Continuing Insurance Education)
  • Development of regional CIE seminars
  • Development of introductory aviation insurance courses
Make Donation to the Foundation

Make Donation to the Foundation

Planned Giving Initiative...

Planned Giving is a set way a donor can leave their legacy for future generations by leaving monetary or asset donation (through a will or estate plan) to the Aviation Insurance Association at the time of the individual's death. Contributing to the AIA Planned Giving Initiative will ensure future generations are positively impacted by your generousity.

Planned Giving is a way to invest money so that the donor receives benefits during his/her life (but isn't a lifestyle disruption), and then bequeaths the remaining funds to the Association. Before making this decision, we encourage you to talk to your family, financial planner, tax advisor and/or attorney.

The Planned Giving Initiative came to fruition at the 2011 Annual Conference after incoming President Frank Kimmel received a phone call five months prior from AIA Founding President, E.R. "Butch" Kinnebrew, III, stating he would like to bequeath the AIA Foundation in his will. Use this link to read the story of the AIA Planned Giving Initiative.

Make a Donation to the Foundation!

Planned Giving Initiative - Donors

  • E.R. "Butch" Kinnebrew, III - Founding Donor
Foundation ByLaws

Foundation ByLaws

The purpose of the AIA Education Foundation is to raise funds for the development of aviation insurance education programs and to raise funds for educational grants and scholarships, to be awarded by the AIA Board of Directors, for the purpose of assisting and encouraging students to further or continue their interest in selecting aviation insurance as a pending or continued career.

The general purposes of the corporation are to operate solely and exclusively to conduct fund-raising activities on behalf of the AIA for the charitable, literary, and educational functions of the AIA consistent with Sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, and to set and administer investment strategies for the received funds.

AIA Education Foundation Bylaws
Foundation Officers

Foundation Officers


  • Frank Kimmel, Kimmel Aviation Insurance


  • Luke Uithoven, Kimmel Aviation Insurance


  • Mary D'Alauro - Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Nancy Gratzer - retired
  • Greg Sterling - American International Group, Inc.

Executive Director

  • Mary Gratzer, Aviation Insurance Association