Our Mission

Adopted by the AIA Board of Directors, Nov. 4, 1998

The Aviation Insurance Association is committed to enhancing the aviation insurance industry worldwide and the professional lives of those who work in it through a variety of programs and services. These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational conferences, seminars and courses designed to improved the skills and knowledge of industry professionals.
  • Forums for the responsible discussion, examination and exchange of ideas on issues facing all participants in the aviation insurance business, including purchases, providers and the flying public.
  • News and informational material published both to AIA members and non-members.
  • A certification program for aviation insurance professionals that is aimed at increasing their knowledge, while demonstrating their ongoing interest in and commitment to raising the professional standards of the industry.
  • Advocacy of programs and strategies that promote aviation safety.

Additionally, the Association maintains an ongoing commitment to create new economically feasible and financially responsible programs and services that will serve the ever-changing professional needs of the Association's individual members and organizations.

In all operations and actions, the Association employs managerial and financial practices that are sound, responsible and fair to all members, customers and the Association itself.

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