Jerry Skinner, Of Counsel
Friedman Rubin

“Recovering Damages From Hostile Nations.”

Internationally Acclaimed Aviation Attorney, Jerry Skinner will present, “Recovering Damages From Hostile Nations.” Jerry successfully recovered $2.7 billion against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya for the 270 lives lost in the 1988 Lockerbie disaster which Skinner blamed on a bomb planted by Libyan intelligence officers. Now he has his sights set on recovering damages from Russia for taking down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 with a missile, killing 298 civilians in the process. His quest to obtain payment from Russia has led Jerry to intelligence offices around the globe to prove Russia’s role in the disaster, including our own, with several road blocks along the way. When his office was ransacked at Christmas time in 2016, Jerry had a good idea who was behind it – the photo of Vladimir Putin left on his desk was a not too subtle clue.

About Jerry
Jerry Skinner is an aviation attorney with unparalleled experience representing families of victims of international commercial air crash disasters and general aviation accidents and helicopter crashes. He is one of only two American lawyers ever to appear before the Egyptian Court of Cassation. Jerry is most proud of his ongoing work for a charity that he founded in 1998 for disabled children. The Romanian Handicapped Ministry is a non-profit Christian ministry that focuses on assisting young people with serious disabilities in Romania. Due to his unique aviation expertise and experience he is often a part of the steering committee on major airplane crash disasters.

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